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Pre K and Kindergarten

Dear parents,

We share love, happiness, and memorable moments this week as always!

We read our books, we practice writing, we count the calendar, we write numbers and stick it in our caterpillar’s tall, we dance and sing and we did our sight words every day!!

Our small group sessions…

Monday was literacy and unexpectedly we work on speaking during our large group session. We were talking about our morning, and we saw our friends enjoy talking about their experience. One of our children said his brother and sister are in Dubai and everyone wants to share, and we don’t want to stop them at all. We see their speaking is getting refined and improved. Since speaking is part of literacy, that was what we did based on our children’s interest.

Tuesday was science and we start talking about our inside. The first session was about kidney since we want to encourage our children drink water often since the season is a bit hot. We explain why we need to drink water and the function of our kidney for our health. Now our friends understand even more why drinking water is very important!!

For our art special, we extend our project “My City” from last week project. This week we draw the buildings on our colorfully painted wood shapes. We discuss about what we are drawing and the colors we used in a very extended way. We enjoyed it very well!!

We extend our last Wednesday’s discussion of community helpers on our social studies session. Fire fighter was the topic of this week, and we discuss what they do, how they do their job and where we find them. We had good time talking about fire fighter and the respect we should give since they put their life for our safety!

Thursday was math and we did patterns with three and above colors. We remind our friends to do a pattern first and give them tasks like AABAABBAABBBAABBBB, ABCAABBCCAAABBBCCC and they had really good time working on it. At the end we gave them a chance to come up with their own pattern and we saw amazing type of patterns we never saw before!!

Friday was fun and we let our children express themselves through drawing on their journal. We saw our friends draw a bright sun, very pretty flower, a smiley face and so much more. It was lovely!!

Our weekly plan

Monday – Literacy

Tuesday – Science

Wednesday – Social science

Thursday – Math

Friday – Cooperative game and activities

Our specials

Tuesday – Art

Friday – Library

Quick reminder

- Please send your children with sunscreen and hat.

- Please remember to send the library folders on Friday.

Have a nice weekend!

Pre K and Kindergarten team


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