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Pre K and Kindergarten

Dear parents,

We had an amazing week with our friends as always, we hope you had a fantastic week too! Since we have a few days left until school closes, we want to do easy and fun activities with our children.

In our large group sessions, we read our books, we count the date, month, and year as always, we write and stick the numbers in our caterpillar’s tall, we dance and sing, we practice writing and our sight words.

Our small group sessions…

Monday was puppet show time. Since literacy is all about language and communication, we want our children to practice speaking by role-playing game, puppet shows. Our friends enjoy being a king, queen, the witch and lots of other characters in our session. It was fun!!

Tuesday was science and we explored with our microscopic toy in the class. Our teaching aid has a spider in it with three levels of magnifying layer and we had an amazing time with it. Our children discuss magnifying glasses related to why and when we use them also was part of the discussion.

Wednesday was social science and we talked about the weather and the clothes we should wear since it was a really cold day. We gave our friends different clothes and asked them to select what they wanted to wear on that cold day, they picked the clothes right! While we were discussing it, the sun just appeared and they changed their mind to simple and light clothes quickly.

Thursday was math and we played a matching game with cards. We gave our friends a handful of cards and asked them to match the numbers (2-10) and the letters (A, J, K, Q and Joker) with what we had on the mat which were 2-10 and A, J, K, Q and Joker. It was easy for them to do it. What warmed our hearts more than the activity was to see them help each other all the way!!

Friday was another fun day of a game called "where is the rubber". The game was simple, yet confusing. We had three cups and we put rubber under one of them. We swapped the cups in circular movements and asked them where the rubber is. It was really exciting!!

Our weekly plan

Monday – Literacy

Tuesday – Science

Wednesday – Social science

Thursday – Math

Friday – Cooperative game and activities

Our specials

Tuesday – Art

Friday – Library

Quick reminder

· Please remember to send the library folders on Friday.

· Please send a flash drive to receive photos, portfolios and favorite songs of the year.


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