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PreK and Kindergarten

Dear parents

We hope you had a very productive and fun week as we did! It is amazing how time flies and we are on Friday so soon.

In our large group sessions…

Calendar: as our daily routine we did our calendar everyday. We counted the month, date, day, and year. In this week, February 16, it was our little friend Yanet’s birthday and that day, we did our calendar with so much joy and happy face.

Caterpillar: we reached 113 days of school coming on this week on Friday. Our little friends love to write and stick the numbers on the hungry caterpillar tails every day.

Music and Movement: it makes our heart warm to see our friends having their moments with the songs they choose. We observe new moves every day. So far, we happen to see ‘I like to move it move it’ is the favorite song of our group.

Sight words: when we turn our face to our sight words corner, our friends say ’if, which, my, what’ with the tune so fast. We are going to have new sight words for next week since we are confident to say we can recognize ‘if, which, my, what’ very well.

In our small group sessions…

As writing is a big part of literacy, this week on Monday, we tried to practice writing with our friends. We printed out very beautiful and fun cartoon animals with their names written in three different visibility level. It was visible, less visible and invisible as it is written with gray, very light gray and only blank space (nothing was written in the last line). We ask our friends to trace the names and finally write it in the blank space provided. We couldn’t believe how fast and good they were.

For our pre K friends, we gave them tracing book so that they can practice pre-writing exercises to boost their fine motor development so that they can have a very good handwriting.

Monday was very memorable because of our celebration of love and friendship. We celebrate valentine day with our friends by making a very beautiful cards to our loved once. Our friends were busy making the cards to give to their parents, friends and families.

In our science class we continue discussing about our sense organs and body parts. This week we work an activity that will help us remember our body parts easily while enhancing our fine motor development by matching game. We cut body parts from printed-paper and stick it to where it belongs in another printed body part paper. Our little friends were very amazing on it!

Our social study class was an extension of what we started last week, which were seasons of the year. Since our little friends know how many seasons we have and what the weather conditions are, we think maybe it is time to do an activity that help to relate and remember well. We collected real life materials from our environment that represent each season like dry leaf, green leaf, flowers, cotton and so on. We stick all the materials on a white paper according to each different seasons. We are very proud on how our little friends understand the concept so fast and so clear.

We had math on Thursday. This week, we introduced a new concept before and after. Our friends were so fast to tell us what comes before and after 2,4,7 and 12. They were very excited and energetic to write the answers in the board themselves. For the next two weeks we are going to do activities and we will go high with the numbers until our friends internalize the concept inside out.

Our Friday was filled with lots of enjoyment and fun. We celebrated one of our friend’s, Yanet’s, birthday. It was filled with music, dance and movement. It was awesome with very yummy birthday cakes.


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