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Second Week Back!

Greetings dear parents,

Hoping you had a wonderful holiday: the pre-kg and kindergarten team are here full of energy and excitement to start this semester!

The past two weeks has been a welcoming week, as we are welcoming our little friends back. Our class are happy to see their friends after a long time and we are excited to welcome two more students the coming week.

What we did this week:

As usual in the morning there was book reading time, calendar, music, and movement during our large group activities and during our small group activities, the whole week has been revision time as we wanted them to remember on what they have learnt before the winter break. We were happy to see some of our friends remember about shapes and were saying and very interesting topics were raised to like, “I have a heart shape pocket on my pants can you see it? And did you know we have heart in our body, does it mean we have a shape inside us? “. We are planning to investigate this questions in the coming days.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The pre-k and and kindergarten team!


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