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Greeting Parents,

This week our groups have been watering what they planted in the garden area when they come in the morning, they try to see if the seeds have sprout yet and come up their reasoning’s why it does not.

During Large Group,

Sight words: this week’s sight words are, See, Sit, Out and Get. We have tried to come up with signs and sentences so it can be helpful for them to remember the words easily. We send out the words, which they can leave at home and read it with your help.

Caterpillar: as the day goes by, our caterpillar grows one number every day. Now we reached a ‘Big number’, as our groups like to say it, which is 63.

Calendar: in our calendar we have different pictures on the month of the year, which is helpful for the children to understand what happens in that specific month. In our November month, we have a big Turkey, which present ‘Thanksgiving’. It is helping them to remember the name of the month when we mention the beginning sounds and the picture.

During Small Group,

Journal: there are many ways we teach children to express what they love, what they like to do, about their families and many more. Journal is one of the ways that helps children to express their emotions, develop their communication skill, writing skill, imagination and increase their vocabularies. This week we started our Journal; here are some of their stories they shared,

Finnegan: “This is my little Archer when she was a baby, this is my mom, my dad and me. And a big flower in the grass area.”

Sachi: “I made a fairy land, and I am the fairy!”

Yanet: “I draw a heart and a flower, I draw for me!”

Aylin: “I make my mom and me!”

Zeno: “I draw a house, a toilet and flower. I draw my rainbow hand.”

Joy: “This is a plane with a grass and on the other page is a grass for my mom and my dad.”

Deborah: “I draw a house, my mom, my dad and my little sister.”

Bean and Cotton: we are helping our groups to collect data on our planted seeds. They go to the garden, make their observations, and discuss what they see with us. When we asked them why they think the seeds are not sprouting yet,

Sachi: “Maybe they are thirsty.”

Joy: “Because there are too many rocks and weeds.”

Finnegan: “I think maybe there is no sunshine”

Yanet: “They need too much water maybe”

While waiting for the seeds to sprout, we had another experiment that is relate to growing seeds. We used Beans, Cotton, and water to make the experiment. They all covered the Beans with cottons and add water. They left it by the sun, and they are currently observing the Beans if they have any changes and compare whether the seeds on the soil or the Bean inside the cup will grow fast.

Introduction to 3D: our exploration about shapes is continuing with more exciting concepts. Before introducing them to what 3D was, we recall on what we have explored with last week, which was 2D shapes. For them to understand the concept well we brought 3D shapes like, Cube and Cone, we talked about its components about Face, Edge and Vertices but to make it very clear we focused on what Face of 3D was. We then let them to explore with 2D shapes and make 3D shapes, like ‘Ice cream’ cone and ‘Big Cube’.

Continents and Country: the idea of ‘Where are you from’ led us to touch many Geographic areas about country, ocean, island, and continents. Our focus for the last couple of weeks was on countries and continents, this week we have tried to blend our group’s country flag so they can understand and identify what country and continents are. While talking about continents, we used seven jars and small counting animals.

We used the counting animals as a country and the big jar as continents. After talking about how continents are bigger than a country, we moved to our next activity on Flag and continents. We printed the seven continents on a paper and their flags, we asked them to pick their “Country” which they all correctly identify, after they picked the flags, with our help they manage to put the flags on the continents.

Water cups: our cooperative game this week was about Balancing. We sat on a mat to talk about what the word Balance was and how we can ‘Balance walk’ if we have things on our head. We choose Pillow and water cup to walk on straight and zigzag lines. They have mange to walk both lines and end up splashing their teachers!

Our exploration with pictures.


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