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Greeting Dear Parents,

Our classroom is getting bigger as we welcome back Finnegan and meet our new friend Debora. It is our main goal to make children feel comfortable to be at school and we are happy to see both already engaged, and the Pre-k and Kindergarten helped most of the job in welcoming them!

Our large group this week

§ Zoo-Phonics: we reached on letter ‘L’ and explore with different flashcards to match with every letter.

§ Caterpillar: our caterpillar is getting very hungry everyday; we have been feeding it for 16 days!

§ Calendar: this week we say goodbye to August and welcomed September.

Our small group this week

o Comprehension Monday: reading books is part of our daily routine; it is very essential to expose children with different books to develop their vocabulary, language and communication, different academic areas, and understand what they see and hear. This week we introduced them to what comprehension is with a story called “Henny Penny”, after reading the book, we explore with some ‘WH’ questions where they all have tried to answer the questions.

  • Assignment for the weekend: we will be sending out some story worksheets for both group where they can explore and answer questions from the story. Please make sure to send it back on Monday and help your child. Thank you.

o Season Tuesday: one of the activities we do during large group is calendar, there is a part where we talk about what the weather like and the type of cloth we should wear. Most of the activity we do lead us to another broader topic and the weather topic lead us to explore about seasons.

As always, we first talk about what seasons are, read a book about it, the type of seasons and what kind of weather they have, we also talked about how some countries have only two of the seasons and others have four. We then moved to exploring with the different countries our groups are from and the seasons they have.

o Addition Wednesday: we believe children should always understand the concept of any activity before moving to deep academic concept. That’s why here at LE we always teach our children in a fun and hands on activities.

This week, our math session was about addition, we began our exploration with a story of a very hungry dinosaur that was looking for fruits to eat, he then found 6 blueberries on his way but before he eats them, he finds another 8 bananas close to the blueberries. He then decided to eat all the fruits together (Addition concept) and counted them before he do so, he was so happy to find out that he has 14 fruits together! After that happy story, everyone created their own story with different animals. And here is some example,

· There was a story about dolphin that comes out of the shore to look for 7 bananas close to the ocean, 5 grapes in a jungle, 1 apple in a tree and 8 blueberries desert.

· There was a T-Rex that turned to vegetarian to eat 2 grapes and 11 strawberries and more interesting stories like that.

o Library Thursday: this week was our first day in the library. We sat down to explore with different books and their favorite storybooks.

  • Reminder: every Thursday we will be sending out books of the children choice, please make sure to send it back after a week. Starting from next week we will be sending ‘I can read’ books for kindergartens which will help them with CVC words and reading and it also need to be sent back every Thursday.

o Obstacle course Friday: inspired by our movement and music session during work time, while exploring with different steps of exercises, we created an obstacle course game which was not only fun but helps them to develop some physical skills. We went zigzag with the cans; went through a tunnel, jump on two and one foot, and finally squat on a musical dot.

Afternoon sessions this week

Ø Math: this week we talked about Time and relate it to number identification and counting. We finally made our own watch.

Ø Literacy: we explored with beginning sound of flashcard pictures; we challenged the kindergartens with ending sounds. We also explored with letter puzzles where they created words.

Ø Science: this week, we also continued our exploration about weather and seasons, which lead us to make an experiment on how to make a rain, which we will be doing next week in our science session.

Ø Art and craft: Art and craft always brings children’s creativity and imagination. This week, after talking about different animals we can make using recycle materials, we choose to make an Elephants, we used different papers, tissue rolls, buttons, glue, and glitter; Yes, we created a shiny Elephant!


o Since it is rainy season, please send your child with raincoat and boots.

o Some of our activities will include paints and water so please send your child with extra cloth, including underwear.

o We will start Art with paint soon; in our special day program, which is Tuesday, therefore it is advisable to send your child with an old cloth.

Here are some of the pictures this week.

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