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The Preschoolers in this week

Monday 25th January 2021

Dear parents,

Our group enjoys the free choice that we have in our classroom on each day before we start our daily activity. Each one of us go through the toys of our choice and celebrate both our passion to professions and compassion towards each other. Limsa enjoys counting numbers whenever she sees the abacus. Eliab adores building with blocks.

Both Aylin and Limsa love to spent time with the kitchen utensils, they cook meals and drinks to their loved once. Aylin offered a wafer and a loaf of bread, when her teacher told her that she didn’t had breakfast.

This week’s large group

This week our group has been working on activities that develop our fine motor skills and have been focusing more on scissor practice. We were learning on how to hold a scissor appropriately and practiced cutting with paper. Aylin grabbed her scissor, put her thumb on the upper hole and both her pointer as well as middle fingers in the lower one; then started opening and closing her scissor saying ”open close.

This week’s small group


Cooperative game: considering that play is essential and helps children to record information into the mind and stimulates their memory, we decided to play treasure hunt. After telling them how they should play the game, the teacher told the kids to close their eyes and hid some circles and triangles. Children were moving around their classroom to look for hidden shapes, while listening to the clues. When the teacher gave a clue like: I can see something underneath your table” Children started moving towards the direction. On the way they have become familiar with simple preposition vocabularies that indicate place.


Library: We read a story titled ‘Bobby knows the best’ It was about a rabbit, which was curious what a fox would look like. Every time he asks his family what a fox is, they all told him, that it is something scary and warned him not to get himself near to it. Thus one day in the middle of the night, he set a journey to fulfill his curiosity.


Science: since our kids adore the song ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ we decided to explore our body parts. Each time we navigate through the lyrics of the song we paused to feel and examine the texture underneath the skin. Eliab was giggling, when he was feeling his knees with his palms. Limsa was bumping her elbows together and was wandering, why it hurts with her expression. Aylin answered, “Hard!” when the teacher asked, “Does it feel soft or hard?” to the bones on their shoulders. After we explored through our head, shoulders, elbow, knees, toes and wrists and become familiar with their common name ‘bones’; each of them got a turn to observe what the bones in our body look like with a display of a skeleton.


Math: Since the past two weeks, our group was obsessed with shapes. They have understood that everything has a shape and were stunningly associate their knowledge with reality. Observing their ambiguous interest on shapes, even in this week we continued our journey on shapes and were trying to differentiate their similarities as well as differences. Every time they pick a shape out of the shape box, they were encouraged to describe it, manipulating the features by counting the corners and sides as well as the distance between the opposite sides. Aylin once held a rectangle in between her hands and tried describing it with her sweet voice saying “wide! RETANGLE!” meaning rectangle. The minute we finish manipulating, we begun to look for things that match with it. Limsa ran towards our table and started counting its corners “1…2…3…4!”

In our second activity: we played treasure hunt. Shapes were hidden in the sandpit and we all were digging eager to find some. Limsa kept calling, “Adiam Adiam “pointing at her finding. Aylin shouted, ”TANGLE!” the moment she got a triangle. After we found all the treasures, we sat in a circle and tried describing our findings. Eliab told the name of his shape and counted its corners too.

Special day: Art

Remember! Last week, we have started a handprint of our family tree on a canvas. This time we have used paintbrush to paint brown the trunk of it and next week, we will stick the photos of our family members.

Next week’s schedule

Monday: Cooperative game

Tuesday: Literacy

Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Science

Friday: Math

Special day: Art

Quick Reminder

· Starting from next Wednesday we will be sending out library books, enjoy reading it with your child. Make sure to return it back after a week.

Thank you,



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