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Kindergarten Weekly Insight

Dear parents,

What an exciting week we had! We really enjoyed celebrating Meskel at school!!! Everyone looked amazing in their Ethiopian clothes!

Quotes from here and there

"Miss Maraki why didn't you come to school on Tuesday? You missed my Ethiopian dress, I was very handsome in it!!!"

" Don't eat candy! Your teeth will go away!"

Small group:

We learned how to spell words with the help of our puzzles in literacy this week. It was also fun to share our stories in journal this week. We will be joining the Pre-k class on Mondays for music and movement.


We have added two new centres to our work time area.

Camping and Ocean! Camping was so much fun as students enjoyed cooking for their friends and teachers!

This week we planned and researched on the computer about oceans and types of animals that live in it. We saw documentary videos like real scientists and were amazed to see how vast the ocean life is.

The students have come up with some

plans and ideas on how our ocean center

would look. Please visit our centres when

you come to school!


School will be closed Friday Oct 6th for teacher work day.


Mon- Music

Wed- Art

Have a splendid weekend!

Maraki: 0911-48-76-81 (

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