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Greetings Dear Parents,

We had a great week with the children! Here's a rundown of our activities:

Large Group:

We started our day by singing our usual morning song and then allowed the children to choose their favorite songs from the music book. If they wanted to sing a particular song, they would say "Yes," and if not, they would say "No." We also taught them some basic sign language such as mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa. Additionally, we took attendance and noticed that the children began to display facial expressions such as a sad face when one of their friends was absent. They also stuck their own pictures beside their names. Finally, we read "Where Is the Baby's Belly Button?" to conclude.


In the music class, we sang two songs, then allowed the children to choose different instruments such as the piano, shaker, and xylophone to explore.

Literacy and Language:

We discussed the colors of playdough with the children, and then allowed them to choose their preferred colors and create various things.

Mika Trampoline for Yeleen

Noor cat

Jemal big car



In art class, we painted a canvas by dividing it into half black and half white. Then, we used paint brushes to splash different colors on each half. Additionally, we created stamped patterns on the canvas using various leaves and colors such as red, green, light green, and yellow. First, we collected the leaves and placed them on a plate. Then, we stamped them one by one, choosing different colors and sizes like big and small.


After warming up with running and jumping, we practiced handstands on the ball, teaching the children how to balance.



During our science class, we conducted an environmental observation activity. We stepped out of the classroom and walked around the school compound, exploring it with magnifying glasses. The kids were enthusiastic and engaged as they spotted flowers and pointed them out to each other, exclaiming "flower" with excitement. They also shared the magnifying glasses, taking turns to examine the natural elements around them.


During the library session, the children chose their favorite books and read by themselves. We then spent a few minutes reading together. After cleaning up, they sat on the pillows, and we read "Little Lion Shares.” altogether.


Last week, we explored the concepts of big and small, and this week we focused on long and short using trains, blocks, and threads.


Plans for Next Week

Monday: - Cooperative game

Tuesday: - Literacy and language

Wednesday: - Gymnastics

Thursday: - Science

Friday: - Math


Please note the following reminders for the upcoming days at our school:

- Every Wednesday is Art Day, so kindly send your child to school wearing appropriate clothing for art-related activities.

- Every Thursday is Library Day. On this day, we will be sending a book that your child has picked from our library. Please ensure that the book is returned on the next Library Day, which is a week later.

- As the weather is changing, we kindly request that you make sure to send your child to school with sunscreen and a hat to protect them from the sun.

Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring that our students have a safe, enjoyable, and productive time at school.

 Have a nice weekend!!


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