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Our Week In Early Pre School and Pre School

Dear parents,

We had a great week in our early preschool and preschool, and we hope yours was good as well!

Our large group session was filled with lots of fun. We sang our Good Morning song and our students' favorite song, "Little Bunny." Then, we took attendance, talked about the days of the week, explored Zoo Phonics A-H, and talked about the weather. We also read a book called "Biscuit Wants to Play."


In our small group sessions, we had a lot of fun with math. We counted from 1-10 and matched the numbers with different items like brushes, cups, pencils, animals, and pom-poms. Each child chose a number and matched it with their favorite item. We also did clay activities, where the children worked individually or with their teachers.


During our science session, we talked about different modes of transportation, specifically air transportation. We explored different types of air transportation, including airplanes, jets, helicopters, rockets, and air balloons. Our students had a great time learning about and discussing transportation.


In our library session, our students read different books, looked at pictures, and asked us questions about them. They also chose a book to take home.

In our art session, we finished making our canvas. Last week we stamped the water animals and ducks on the canvas. For this week we dabbed a different color on the water animals and ducks’ bodies with our fingers and then we added glitter to make it more shine. we had a wonderful time. Our students were very active when we did the canvas.

We also did clay activities, where the children worked individually or with their teachers.


 In our literacy session, we had zoo phonics. We talked about the names, sounds, and actions of the letters. Then, they chose their favorite letters and traced them with play dough. We had a nice time.

Gymnastic ;Today we started our session with running and jumping on one and two feet. Our game for this week helped us to stretch all of our body muscles which was moving one ball from one hula hoop to the other.


Here is our plan for next week:

Monday - Music /Cooperative Game

Tuesday - Math

Wednesday - Science

Thursday - Literacy

Friday - Gymnastics


Our Specials

Tuesday - Library

Wednesday - Art

Friday -Ethiopia center / Maker space



Every Tuesday is our library day, please make sure to return the library folder.

Please send your child with a sunscreen and hat as it gets sunny after snack time.

Every Wednesday, we have Art so please send your children with art appropriate clothing.


Have a nice weekend!!



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