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Early Pre-School

Dear Parents,

This week we had three fruitful school days. We hope you had a good Easter break. Here is this week’s preview.

Large groups.

Our large groups contained book reading, music and board time.

Books - this week’s favorite book was “Playtime” next week we are planning to read a book about space and superheroes.

Music – this week’s favorite song was the hello song and Apples and bananas.

Board message – this week’s board message contained “what am I?” shape sorting and Zoo-phonics. We played a guessing game by following a clue and tried to guess the hidden item. The kids were so excited to hear the hints and imagine the mysterious thing. This week the hidden item was the star. Afterward, we talked about the unique characters of the star.


Small groups

Science Tuesdays – during our exploration we experimented with goop. When we start we experimented with the different textures and character of the goop, and we later mixed in different kinds of food colorings to so see changes in the color and character. The kids were amazed to see different color combinations and outcomes of the activity.

Literacy Thursday - on our literacy day we continued the writing activity by copying the zoo-phonics letters. This week on our activity we tried to show them how we can hold a marker, what the letters look like and how we can draw lines and circles and how we can combine the two to write letters. Next week we are planning to draw a journal of our own and share the story with our friends.

Fun Friday – on fun Friday we played one of our favorite games. ‘bug in the rug.’ This game helps enhance the social relationships between the senior kids and newbies. When the game starts, one of the kids will hide under the rug, and the rest of the kids will try to guess the hidden kid by checking who is missing from their classmates and by listening to the bug sound the hidden kid makes. All the kids had fun taking turns to be the bug.

Have a great weekend!

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