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Infants and Toddlers

Dear parents,

We had a wonderful week! This week we would like to thank Sophie for joining us for large group and small group explorations.

We would like to inform you that we will be having our yearly parent teacher conference on Monday May 27 and Tuesday May 28, so please make sure to book a time and date with your child’s teacher before Thursday May 23. Contact either Hannah (0920819944) or Eyassu (0955987602).

And we hope you have saved the day on your calendar for our annual Art Auction, which is being held on Saturday May 25. The event is going to start at 7 pm.

Small group

For small group this week we had Art, Music, Volcano Fun, Games and Magnets.

The children had a fun time exploring with Magnets. For the past two-weeks the children had sorting shapes activities, and while we were talking about the shapes, the children had different ideas as to what the shapes looked like. When we showed the triangle shape they said it looked like a house and the circle one looks like a ball. So we decided to have an exploring with shapes activity, where the children could build different things and still get a chance to talk about the shapes they used.

They also enjoyed Fun and Games activity. This week’s game we played was ‘Who is knocking at the Door’. We started our activity by sitting in a circle, and then we asked the children to cover their eyes. Then one of the caregivers slowly took one of the children out without the other children noticing. Once they went out they knocked on the door, and the children still sitting in the class tried to look around their circle and figure out which one of their friends was missing.

And for Volcano Fun we had a fun time experimenting what happens when soda (coca cola) is mixed with something sugary. Each child had one bottle of soda and one candy each. The children took turns putting the candy in the soda bottle, as they mixed them the soda shouted out in the form of foam, which really excited the children.

Next week


Tuesday-Fun and Games



Friday-Slime Experiment


  • Wednesday is our group’s library day; please send your child with their library folders when they come in the morning.

  • Also we have Art on Wednesday so try to send your child with art appropriate cloth.

Thank you!

Have a nice weekend!

From the Infants and Toddlers group.

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