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Infants and Toddlers Monthly Update

Dear parents,

We had a great month of October! We had a very fantastic family day, we enjoyed sharing food while socializing with the parents and also sharing observations on the children!! We like to say thank you again for spending your Saturday with us! The other big event we had in October was our ‘Halloween party’ every group got the chance to go ‘Trick or Treating’. We hope the children share their candy with you!!

October Insights

Large group

Our class love circle time! It’s a time for all of us to sit together and explore with the material we have in our room. We also get busy reading books, signing songs, practicing finger plays and playing together. We are happy to say that the children understand the daily routines!

Math activity was about shapes and colors. The activity challenged the children to match colors. We used two sets of four different colors. We also introduce circle shape and all the colors were on circle. They tried to match the circles with their respective colors. It was a big challenge to get them to match same color. They are developing their color sorting skills. Next week we are planning to sort colors using Small balls.

For music and movement, we were dancing and following the music direction with the children favorite music like ‘Cha Cha’, ‘Big Old Tree’, ‘Ali Baa’ and ‘Miss Polly had a dolly’. The children were having a lot of fun while dancing by holding their hands to each other and following all the music direction. We had fun going in our movement center. This week, we put mats under the shade area near our class, and when the children see the mats, the children start their movement before we explain the activity. They started jumping all over the mast with both feet, climbing up and down, roll from side to side and, sit and bounce and moving the whole body and have so much movements. Next week we will switch this activity to obstacle course.

For science, we did an activity called ‘Ice Bear’ and ‘Goop’. For the ‘Ice bear’ experiment, the children were very interested to touch and feel the ice and see what was inside the ice, in the beginning it was very cold so they didn’t want to explore they just looked at the ice. Eventually they started exploring by throwing it on the floor until the ice melted or broke they were very excited to see the counting bears.

On our goop exploration, we put the corn starch on the tub and after the children observed and touched the corn, we let the children to see what happen to the corn when we add water. The children were very interested to see when the powder turn to a dough, but the dough was very sticky, and it was very hard for them to remove the dough from the tub. But after they pick up and drop it into the tub, the dough turned to liquid and they were very excited to see the goop and they had fun doing it again and again.

This month our messy activity was transferring water using sponge. The children used sponges to fill empty tub with water and they count there squeezes to fill up and they enjoyed transferring water to an empty tub. Our second activity was washing toys. We washed all the dramatic center kitchen materials like plat, cup, tea put, spoon, pun and fork. The children were very familiar with the utensils, so it was very easy for them to wash.

Next week plans

Monday-Music and movement




Friday- Math


Monday - Obstacle course

Wednesdays- Art and dancing class with Dawit

Friday- Library

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