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Kindergarten Monthly Update!

It has been one super busy month! Both Family day and Halloween celebrations

were a hit! Thank you for coming and celebrating with us!

Explorations this month!

Language Arts- we were introduced to sight words this week. Sight words are words that regularly used words that children are encouraged to learn as a whole by sight. They account for about 80% of the words used at the beginning of children’s print materials. The benefit of learning these words for beginner readers is that they will automatically identify the words before they attempt to read, thus making it easier for them to stop and decode every single word.

We started our language class by revising some of our sight words, explored with worksheets (identifying the beginning, middle, and ending sounds). We also worked on our upper and lower case letter identification. We played the game matching letters to words for language class this week. Each student had six letters, and ten words were laid on the floor to match the words with the beginning letters they have. The person who finished matching the letters with the words will win.

Math- we continued with our measurement activity this week. The students decided to measure every object in the room and shared with the class their results. We continued with our measurement activity this week. This time we had different objects on a paper, and our job was to find out how many inches the objects were. We also learned on our measuring ruler how to write fractions. We will be exploring more in this area next week!

We were introduced to a new topic this week called fractions. This concept will help students visualize fractions and understand that fractions segments are equal parts of a larger object, skills necessary for more advanced fraction concepts. We will be exploring more in this area next week!

Games: Playing twister was so exciting! It was a great workout, as well! Working together as a team always triples the fun

Storytelling- we had a fantastic time-sharing our stories. This time was different because we had props to help us. Some even joined teams and wrote a story together!

Science:As a continuation of our all about me explorations this week, we learned about healthy eating and classified food that is good and bad, and we continued our lesson from our previous class about a healthy diet. We read the book “going to the dentist” and learned about cavities.

Have a lovely weekend!

Maraki and Liya

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