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We had another fun, fruitful and exciting month. The children are becoming more independent and more engaged in our daily schedules.

Large Group

We enjoyed our large group time, we still learning and focusing on parts of our body. We are getting good at naming and pointing their basic body parts. Songs, finger plays and books are our main parts of large group. The finger plays are important for their fine motor skills, and the songs are helping them to memorize their body parts. Our circle time is always fun when we talk about what we did over the weekends and it is very important for them to develop language skill and communication. One of the exciting parts about November was that we had 'Nanny Training', in which we gave away a small encouraging prize to a nanny who was doing well in these points

  1. Behavior Management

  2. Taking care of a child and

  3. Being engaged in the daily schedule

Small Group

Tops and Lids: Fine motor skill is a big part of children's daily routine. In our group, most of the activities we do are hand on. The children not only can develop their fine motor skills but they learn how to solve a problem with materials. One of the activities we have done this month, is Tops and Lids, which we let the children open and close different materials. The children had fun exploring and also in finding the right lids to each tops.

Music and movement time is always fun and exciting in our group. This month, we tried to show our different dancing moves to the music. The other fun activity we did was some obstacle course. We started with simple course like jumping in and out the tire, going through a table, jumping on a pillow, going through tent and rolling on a mat. We explore with the courses before we showed them how to do it, they went everywhere and it was fun to see them doing their own thing! After we showed them how to do it, they were able to follow the directions and have fun in doing so.

The other fun activity we had related to developing their language skills. The activity was ‘Search for the object’. The activity focused on getting new vocabularies and matching materials. We add more materials and the children were really engaged with the activity, as the same time they picked up a lot of new vocabularies and having back and forth conversation in our group.

Work time areas,

Ethiopian/dramatic, Light box, Puzzle, Library, Sand Box and Blocks Center.

The children go in our work time center, because it will help them to learn to choose and plan what they are going to play and with whom they want to play with.

Next week

As you know our first semester is going to be finished in two weeks so we will repeat the children’s favorite activity in the next two weeks!

Next week plan

Monday- Music and movement

Tuesday- Literacy

Wednesday- Art (Dancing class)

Thursday- Science

Friday- Mats (Library

Rmainder: -

Every Wednesday please make sure your child wears old cloths and shoe for our Art class.

We will send out Library folder every Friday please make sure to send it back on time.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us during school hours.

The Infants And Toddlers Team

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