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Greeting Dear Little Einstein’s family!!

We had a wonderful week at Little Einstein’s Addis!!

We want to happily let you know that we have chosen WEDNESDAYS to be our fruits for snack day! Please be informed that the school will be providing fruits for snacks every Wednesdays from now on. So far, we are thinking of watermelons’ Apples, Strawberries, and Papaya. Observing how our students like the above-mentioned fruits we will take out or add more.

What have we been up to this week?

Here are the areas of our small group.

● Cooperative Game

● Math

● Literacy

In our cooperative game we had the most fun playing water fun game. Water plays activities help to develop and strengthen children's gross and fine motor skills. Children enhance their gross motor skills, coordination, and physical fitness through lifting, pouring, carrying, running and splashing, while actions such as squeezing help to develop the small muscles in a child's hands. We all got wet while having the game. We used different cups, hoses, and buckets in the game. What a splashy game that we all love and enjoyed.

Literacy: Time to draw and write stories in our journal. Our kids love to work on their journal. The great thing about this class is we hear different entertaining stories.

Here are some statements from their stories.

"This is mum and dad in the swimming pool."

"My blue car."

"My mum is beautiful and nice."

"My chocolate book "

While our kids read out loud their story that they wrote and draw can lead them to develop their self-confidence.

Math: Matching is a simple form of sorting. It is finding items that are the same amount with the given numbers. We were having such a task in our math class. We got buttons and pompoms to glue with the exact number of numbers on a worksheet and some of them chose to draw pictures by matching with numbers on the board. Our kids were dealing with the activity they were doing as well.

Preschool and Early Preschool Explorations schedule

For Preschool

● Monday - Cooperative Game

● Tuesday -Literacy

● Wednesday – Science

● Thursday – Math

● Friday – Library


● Tuesday – Music

● Wednesday – Art

For Early Preschool

● Monday –Cooperative Games

● Tuesday-Literacy

● Wednesday – Science

● Thursday –Library

● Friday – Math


● Monday - Music

● Friday – Art


● The weather is changing so don’t forget to put a hat and sunscreen in your child’s bag.

● On our Art days try to send the children with Art friendly clothing.

● Don’t forget to return Library folders on your child’s library days.

Have a nice weekend!


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