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Dear parents,

We had a wonderful time at Little Einstein. We had lots of fun activities to do

before fall break. We hope you marked your calendar for our parent teacher

conference on the 3rd and 4th of November from 8:30 Am to 4:30 Pm.

Quick Reminder:

-School will be closed from November 7th to 11th for Fall Break!!!

- There will be an optional Parent -Teacher Conference on the 3 rd and 4th of

November. Schedule a time from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

What we did this week:

The pre k and kindergarten students had a great time during the large group. We

read books, shared ideas. We missed Yanis this week, we hope to have him

on Monday.

Our Hungry Caterpillar: The kids have been counting days starting from the first

day of school and reached at 54th day this week so, our little friends are trying to

plan on how to celebrate the 100th day of school.

'I will show you how to play piano but it’s surprise'

'You know we are left with 46 days so we can think about it'

Magic Words; We were brainstorming about the three magic words Thank you,

Please and Sorry. We discussed why they are magic and when and how we use them.

It’s heartwarming to see all of our friends using them.

“I say thank you because my friend helped me”

“I say sorry because I stepped on my friend’s leg”

“I say please because I want to share the green car with my friend”

During our small group time:

Literacy: We kept practicing on zoo phonics as its basic for Language and Literacy.

This week the kindergarten explored writing letters from A -Z and words that

starts with letter Dd. Likewise the Prek had letter hunting all around the school


Math: Our math session was a little busy counting and answering the question ‘How

many?‘ The Prek explored counting blocks and answering the question How many? whereas the Kindergarten counted till 50 by putting beads in a yarn.

Journal; our class drew beautiful drawings and stacked some beginning letters that

goes with the story on their journals. Here is what they shared to their classmates and teachers!

'This is my dad and me walking together'

'I drew our house. We have three downstairs'

'My drawing is all my family; this is my big brother and this one is my little

sister and also my dad and mom are here beside me'

Art: Our art special topic was about the current Season FALL! We discussed all

about what fall looks like and why it is called fall. The other activity was painting

all the leaves with different colored paints and stamped it on a paper. It was a

wonderful art class!

Science: Exploring the internal human body has been our main topic for these two past weeks. We discussed about the function of our kidneys and how water is important to our kidneys! All our friends were really surprised and got to be interested to drink much water!

Task to do at home

- A book chosen by the kids is sent home so that parents are supposed to read

and discuss about the book.

- Try to ask your child to talk about his/her day at school.

- Try to ask your child to talk about the activities subjects he/she likes the most.

Our plans for the next week


Tuesday –Mathematics

Wednesday-Musical Movement

Thursday-Journal and Art

Friday-Science and Library

Thank you!

Keep in touch all the time with us!


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