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Early Preschool

Friday 21st May 2021

Dear parents,

Our week has been a bundle of joyful laughter, where we all enjoyed and respected our personal views and choices.

Large group

Both Pattern and color continued to be part of our large group activity. We have noticed that our students become more into them and were looking at each other’s clothes, describing the patterns within the color. While we were talking about the color Blue and described it as the color of the Sky, Yanis made us all laugh by saying, “ But in Morocco the Sky is Green.”

Sharing toys we brought from home was another excitement that we have been harmonizing.

Reading a book about seeds has also created a good discussion among ourselves and helped us to explore through other books too.

Small group


Music and movement: Understanding that Dancing helps kids to be active and gain their stamina, we chose to have free Dance.


Literacy: We introduced our zoo phonics friend Cathrina cat as the one who loves milk and got her whiskers soaked while drinking, then whipped it saying “c…c..c..” Then we all started mimicking her, wiping the milk with both hands off from the whiskers as to pretend to be Cathrina cat. Right after sorting it from a bowl of 3D letters and stick it on the board, we practiced tracing it with the tip of our pointer-finger. While we were doing that Ano surprised us by collecting the ‘ c ‘ letters and stick them side-by-side.


Math: first we were encouraged to guess the number that comes after three, as we kept counting sequentially and individually with our fingers, then we fed our hungry caterpillar four snacks. Number four was introduced as a number that loves to read, while sitting on the chair and was performed practically. Soon after we went outdoor, we were busy of grouping four either similar or same things.


Special day Art: It was a fun session where we all got a chance to create our own stories and put them in a painting.


Science: During our previous science session, we tried to experiment the formation of secondary colors and mixed shaving cream with food-colors. However, the excitement got us to be curious and begun mixing our portion with a friend next to us, which we all end up with a fist of Rainbow. Though our learning objective was to be conscious of the colors we mix and observe the result, we were too busy of mixing rather sticking to the instruction. Therefore, we have repeated the activity using water and food-colors. While we were exploring all the materials we were using, Thulani stunningly explained the water, “ It has gas.”

Next week’s schedule

Monday: Cooperative game/ Music and movement

Work time: Library

Tuesday: Literacy

Wednesday: Math

Thursday: Art

Friday: Science

Quick Reminder

· Please send your child with Art friendly/old clothes both on Thursdays as well as Friday, since Friday is our science day and invites us to experiment a lot.

Thank you,

Have a nice weekend

Adiam and Martha


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