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Fun week with Pre-k and Kg.

Greeting Parents,

Children are Tree huggers, Flower sniffers, Animal kissers, Planet lovers and Dirt explorers! It is our responsibilities to create an Earth were children could be able to appreciate, love and care about. Happy Earth Day!

Small group this week

Zoo-Phonics hunters and digraphs: this week the Pre-k’s put on their hunting gear on and hunt many Zoo-phonics animals. And just like all hunter do, they sat in a circle and share what they hunted together! All of them get to share different letters they found and the sound they make, while exploring, we also encourage them to come up with words that starts with the letters they have.

The Kindergarteners explored with two other diagraphs that starts with ‘ Th’ and ‘Wh’ and after we finished the reading session, they explored with 3D letters and tried to form digraph words with their teachers help.

Quick reminder: on the last week blog we send our assignment for both parents to do with your children but we have not received what they have worked on. Dear parents, we wanted to help our groups to understand what it means to do homework’s with parents, therefore please take a time to do small assignments we send now and then with your child. Thank you.

Helping hands: working together, socializing and learning through play is parts of our daily routines. This week after we talked about how it’s important to clean up after play and how it is also important to wash our small playing materials, after our small exciting talk, the children were very motivated even to wash the rabbits! We brought out all the washable materials we could find in the school and washed it as clean as a sky! While doing so, they were able to develop the skill of communicating, trying to solve problems, and socializing.

Decomposition of fruits and vegetables: the concept of vitamins and proteins has taking us to the next important lesson, which is Decomposition of fruits and vegetables. As we always start our conversation we asked the children what they think would happen if we let fruits and vegetables with out using then for a while, after we discuss about if for a while, we introduced what it means by decomposition and why fruits and vegetables decompose or rotten. We saw a video of different fruits and vegetables getting rotten to make the concept very clear. On the video, they saw plants growing from the rotten compost and were shocked by it! We explained how plants could use it as a food to grow, and also worms and insects. The conversation has led us to bring another concept about recycling materials and how we can use the materials for different purpose, which in our case, planed to make Art using those recycled materials.

How many Cm or Mm is that: after introducing them to measurement, we continued the lesson by presenting them to what measurement units are. This week we brought the units Centimeter and Meter to class and explain to what they are and how we use them. After the discussion, we picked Centimeter to measure different.


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