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Pre K and Kindergarten

Dear parents,

We had an amazing week as always and we hope you had a fun week too!

Our large group session was fun, productive, and exciting. As always, we did our calendar, wrote numbers on our caterpillar’s tall, we danced and sang, we read books and we did our sight words every day. We are practicing writing too, everyday!

Our small group sessions…

On Monday, Literacy was what we did. We let our friends practice reading with reading practice books. We encourage them to sound out letters and try to read a word following the sound it has. They were trying their best and we are proud to see that!

On Tuesday’s Science session we extended our project of making paper. We took some time shredding the paper we collected, and we soaked it into water. We discuss how fast a paper can be wet in water looking at the time it takes for the tissue, paper plate, cards, and plain paper. Our friends were enjoying how fast the tissue got wet.

In our art special, we did self-portrait. We gave our friends a mirror to look at themselves in the mirror and tell us what they see through it. Some saw their nose, happy face, hair, angry face, happy face, beautiful face and so much more. After having this discussion we let them get creative and paint what they see through the mirror. The children took their time looking at their reflection and chose different shades of colors to portray how they see themselves. Some children took their time to paint their whole body whereas the others focused on their faces. It was heartwarming to see them explaining what they paint!!

Wednesday was social study and we discussed money. We gave them printed money from different countries and asked them so many questions like what it is, how much it is, what they can do with it, how they can know the amount, what kind of things are on the money and so much more. It was interactive.

Thursday was Math and we had subtraction. Based on our children’s level, (1-10, 1-20 and 1-30), we had different worksheets all about subtraction. Our friends tried to do all using different teaching aids in the class. We are proud to see how they problem solve and use different materials to do their math work.

Our weekly plan

Monday – Literacy

Tuesday – Science

Wednesday – Social science

Thursday – Math

Friday – Cooperative game and activities

Our specials

Tuesday – Art

Friday – Library


  • Please remember to send the library folders on Friday.


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