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Pre K and Kindergarthen

Dear parents,

It is always a pleasure to spend memorable and fun week with our children, we hope your week was pleasurable too!!

In our large group session, we read our books, we practiced our writing, we did the calendar, we count the days we spent in school and we know our sight words very well. We also enjoy the song and the dance time we had!!

Our small group sessions…

As part of literacy and language development, practicing writing is important for children to be able to communicate using writing. On our Monday session of literacy, we practice sentence writing using a printed tracing worksheet with space to copy it two times. We witnessed our children’s writing skill advanced, and we are very happy about it!!

Tuesday was science and we talked about the hairy caterpillar. We found a living hairy caterpillar and put it on a plastic cup covered with foil. we thought it is a very good opportunity to tell our children not to get in touch with it since they might find lots of hairy caterpillars in the coming months. We ask them lots and lots of questions about the caterpillar and the answers were very true and funny too! A friend said caterpillars eat salad. We let our children have a close look at the caterpillar while discussing to avoid any contact when they found one in the garden or somewhere else since the hairy caterpillar is dangerous. It was fun and they were really excited to see a moving little caterpillar in a container!!

For our art special, we start a new project called “My City”. We are working to see the reflection of our city Addis in our creative canvas. We showed a picture of Addis for our children. Some of our friends remember some of the buildings and told us that they saw the building while driving with their parents. As the first step of our project, we paint different shaped woods with bright colors. We discussed the texture, smell and shapes of the wood while painting our woods. We are sure it will turn out great!!

Wednesday was social science and we keep on discussing about community helpers. For this week we choose police officers. We had a discussion about police officers and ask what they carry around, where we found them, what they do to the community, what would happen if we don’t have them around and so much more. We also practice police man walk and greeting. we walk to bathroom with a police man walk and it was funny and enjoyable moment!!

Thursday was math and we work on measurement and graph. We had a printed worksheet of graph having number and fruits in the sides of it. We gave our friends a chance to count the level and write how many fruits they get. We saw our children trying new methods to know the answer and we are very happy about it!

Friday was fun doing an activity of beatifying our art piece with some news paper and glue. We love how it turns out, and we can’t wait to show you!!

Our weekly plan

Monday – Literacy

Tuesday – Science

Wednesday – Social science

Thursday – Math

Friday – Cooperative game and activities

Our specials

Tuesday – Art

Friday – Library

Quick reminder

  • Please remember to send the library folders on Friday.


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