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The Expedition

Friday 7th May 2021

Dear parents,

We had an adventurous week and hope you go through our expenditures.

We hope some of you received our invitation for our annual art auction to be held on the Saturday 15th of May. Because our students come on different days, if you did not receive your invitation today then we will send a printout on Monday and Tuesday. We hope that all of you will join for this special event.

Large group

As we have mentioned on our last week’s blog, reading the book about colours gave us an urge to go through our colour awareness. Based on this observation, carrying on different colour activities was our basic focus. After introducing four colours like:

· Yellow: the colour of the Sun

· Red: the colour of strawberries, fire or firetruck

· Blue: the colour of the sky

· Green: the colour of the grass

At the beginning of the week, each one of us were ought to bring or show a thing that has the same colour as the displayed colour. On the remaining days the teacher just gave them a clue to pick a thing that has same colour as the teacher mentioned. When the teacher gave a clue “ It’s the colour of a firetruck.” The child who got the turn calls out the name of the colour ‘ Red’ and matches it with a thing of same colour.

Learning number sequence by feeding the number of pretend finger foods (popsicles) it requested was also part of our large group activity.

Small group


Literacy: First we listened to the story of Alialligator as a starving alligator who has a big and wide mouth, looking for food making a sound “ a..a…a…” Then cheered “” when it feeds its belly. Right after the story we all begun mimicking its sound as we open and close our arms. Later on we identified letter “ a “ from a bowl of 3D letters and traced it with a playdough.



Week one: As a continuation of our number recognition lesson, we kept discussing on the next number which is number two. Number two was introduced as a number that loves to be on its knees and bow. Then each one of us had a turn to look around for a two either same or similar things found inside our classroom and put them next to the displayed numeral ‘2 ’.

Thursday Art: Children are familiar of Dinosaurs and are keen to play with them. Something about these extinct creatures from long ago seems to hold their attention.

During the counting session of our Math class, we have noticed most of our kids were choosing the Dinos rather than the other animals. This observation inspired us to takeoff a journey to the times of the Dinosaurs.

Our journey started with the narration about how Dinosaurs used to survive and got extinct. The story was narrated by a Dinosaur puppet and put into a demonstration so that we can easily visualize them in our imaginations. We have used the following materials to support our demonstration:

· Some Dinosaur toys

· Real plants

· Sand to represent the Dino town

· Orange squashed papers for the comets

· A cup of vinegar, drop of red food colour, baking soda and cone shaped hard paper were also used to display a volcanic mountain.

All of our group members were fascinated by the story and were overwhelmed spending much more time with the Dinosaur toys.

As much more time was needed, our small group extended till work time and put our prints in discovering their fossil as being Paleontologists.

We mixed the following materials to make our Dinosaur Fossil:

· Three handful of sand

· One bowl of flour

· A cup of salt

· A cup of grinded coffee

· Two cups of water

As soon as we prepared the dough, we start printing the Dinos on the dough and baked it in the oven for 15 – 20 minutes.


Science: Curious of trying individually, the volcano procedure from our Dinosaurs story, we chose to experiment how a volcanic mountain erupts. Each one of us was so eager to exploit the materials and exhibit our expectations.

This week's blog picture

Next week’s schedule

Monday: Cooperative game/ Music and movement

Work time: Library

Tuesday: Literacy

Wednesday: Math

Thursday: Art

Friday: Science

Quick Reminder

· Please send your child with Art friendly/old clothes on Thursdays.

· School is closed on 13th May 2021 (tentative) for the Eid.

Adiam and Martha

Thank you,

Have a nice weekend


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