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Infants and Toddlers

Dear Parents,

It was another great week. The children are having a great time while they try to develop their social interaction with one another and are excited when they came in the morning to see their friends and their teachers. This week we welcome a new friend to our class, Welcome back Noah! We are happy to say that the transition with the Nannies' going very well.

Large group

We enjoyed our large group time we did the same song, finger play like last week. Our songs were 'Do you know you are my friend' And 'The more we get together' for finger play we sang 'Thelma Tumbes' and we read a book titled 'Why i love my mommy'.

Small group

This week for small group we had Art, The children painted the cotton and stick it on the paper by using glue, the children were having wonderful time to explore paint and cotton. For music and movement, we sing a song and the children are following simple music direction like Moving hand up and down snapping their fingers, make eyes go blink, move eye brows go up and down etc. We also explore with the different kind of musical instrument and the children were showing a lot of enthusiasm. For Pom Pom fun this week we include more tongs to pick it up with and the children were very busy to holding with their small fingers and trying to pick up the pom poms.

Work Time

Community, Cars and construction

Blocks , Games and puzzle

Next Week Schedules

Small Group

Monday-No school( Ethiopian new year!!)

Tuesday-Pom Pom Drop


Thursday- How is knocking the door

Friday-Understanding Emotions


Every Wednesday please make sure your child wears old cloths and shoe.

We will send out library book every Thursday and make sure to send it back on time. If you have any questions feel free to contact us during school hours.

Your response is very important to us, together we make a team!

P.s School will be closed on Monday for Ethiopian new year.

Hannah +251 920 8199 44

Eyassu +251 967 4193 89

Eyerus +251 911 86 14 04

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