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Infants and Toddlers

Dear Parents,

It was another fun and busy week at little Einsteins! We enjoyed playing together and sharing toys and having great time. Here is a brief description of how our week went by, We start off our morning by greeting each other and singing the song 'Rainbow dancer' and the same finger play we also add a new song which is ‘Red bird red bird in and out my window”.

Small Group

This week for small group we did Music andMovement, Art, Fishing, Goop and colour sorting. For Goop we put some cornstarch on a table and have them feel it with there hands after a couple of minutes we added water on it so the children can see the difference.

For Colour sorting this week the children where collecting colored beads(red, yellow, blue and purple) in a cup that has similar color as the bead.

Work Time

The centers we had for this week are Magnets and Puzzles, Cars and Trucks, Camping and Ocean.

Next week school will be closed from 16th- 20th of October for fall break. We hope you have a wonderful fall break!!

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