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Infants and Toddlers

It was another amazing week at little Einsteins! The children are having a great time. We also celebrated Halloween on Tuesday; we went trick or treating and got lots of sweets from other classes. Thank you all for sending sweets for everyone to share.

Large group:

We enjoyed our large group time, we sang songs, finger plays and read books. This week we did the same song and finger play, which is based on the kid’s interest, our finger play were: 'Red bird red bird in and out my window' and we sang 'one two three four five' we read a book called ''.

Small group:

This week our small group consists of Art, Music and sorting ball with the color. For Art, we use different color of beads and pipe cleaner to make a bracelet for themselfs they where very busy to put beads in to the pipe cleaner and the same time they where developing their fine motor skills. For sorting color we prepare one big box with four different color and the kids are very interested to put the same ball in to the same color hole.

Work time areas

Camping, Magnet and Blocks, Cars and trucks, and our new Ocean center.

Next week small group

Monday-Movement (Color hop)

Tuesday- Science (Ice with paint)

Wednesday- Art

Thursday- Math (Sorting color with a ball)

Friday- Fine motor skills (Legos fun)


Monday – Music and Movement

Wednesday – Art


  • Due to start of the dry season please pack a hat and sunscreen.

  • On Wednesday please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoe for art.

  • Don’t forget to return library folders on Thursday for the kids to check out books.

Have a great weekend!

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