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This week in preschool....

Dear parents,

We had a nice week in preschool class. Thank you for coming for family day. We hope you enjoyed the different countries food and shared information. We also celebrated Halloween on Tuesday; we went trick or treating and got lots of sweets from other classes. Thank you all for sending sweets for everyone to share.

This week in Large Group

This week we kept on exploring with numbers. We explored with 3d numbers and talked about what numbers we can identify and recognize. For the next couple of weeks numbers will be our large group focused. This week’s famous songs were, ‘Five little pumpkins’, ’Brush your teeth’ and ‘Going to the zoo’. Our large group book for this week was ‘This little piggy went singing’

Small group

This week for our exploration, we had Literacy, Math, Light-box, and library. We worked on exploring with different materials in each exploration areas.

Work time

The children enjoyed going to the different work time centers. The centers we had for this week were Magnets and Puzzles, Cars and Trucks, Camping and Ocean.

Next week,

Monday- Literacy (Letter tracing.) Tuesday- Light box (Science)

Wednesday- Journals (Sharing Stories)

Thursday- Math (Cheerios counting)

Friday- Library


  • On Thursday please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoes for art.

  • We have library on Fridays, please return library folder on Friday so your child can choose another book.

  • Please be respectful to our pick up times and help us have smooth daily routines. Lunchtime pick ups (from 12:00-12:30) afternoon pick ups (from 3:00-3:30) if you have any questions feel free to contact us during school hours.

Have a great weekend!

Negede and Liya (+251 911 96 8881)

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