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Infant and Todddlers

Dear parents,

We hope you all enjoyed the first semester report. Here at Little Einsteins we all had a wonderful time. We have a new project called 'Gardening area'. The children had a wonderful time to be at school and see our new gardening area we planted some Lacteous, Carrot and spinach seeds in to the clear box they all budding now. When the kids came in the morning they enjoy watering, hopefully in the coming weeks we will move it and plant it on the gardening area we have prepared.

Large group

We did our attendance list 'who is here' and 'who is not here' so the children are very happy to see if their friends are in the circle or not. We said good morning to all and sing the ‘Digging ‘ song and our finger play was ’ Apple tree’ also we read a book called ‘Small seeds’.

Small group

This week for small group we did Music, Art, Sponge tab, Science and Math. For Music we are sang and danced. We also explored with the musical instruments, Like Drum, Shaker, Piano and Xylophone. For Sponge tab the children put sponge in to water and threw on each other and had a lot of fun. For Science we used Food color, Vinegar, Baking soda and syringe. We mixed the vinegar and food color and use the syringe to spread the liquid in to the baking soda then it was very nice exploring time and we saw bubbles coming out and the children were so excited to share their observations. see what’s happening when the children saw it.

Next week plan

Monday - Music

Tuesday- Math (Counting)

Wednesday- Art

Thursday- Sponge tab

Friday- Fun Game (last day of school)


  • On Wednesdays please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoe for art.

  • Please pack a hat and sunscreen.

  • Don’t forget to return library folders on Thursday for the kids to check out books.

Have a great weekend!

Hannah, Eyassu and Eyerus

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