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Pre-k News

Dear parents,

It’s so good to see everybody back in the school! The children had so much fun telling each other what they did during winter break. We continued our usual class schedule had fun doing it.

Small group

This week in math we learned measurement and spatial concepts. It was really tricky to predict how many objects it would take to measure a certain item. The children had fun drawing for journals. Everyone shared about what they been doing during their winter break. We explored our environment in science class and learned how to record data.

Our next week activities included

Monday –Cooperative games

Tuesday – math

Wednesday – library

Thursday - literacy

Friday – No school (Timket)

Specials: -

Monday – music

Friday – art

Reminders – old clothes and shoes for Friday since its art

  • Return library books with folder on Wednesdays

  • Please send us tissue boxes, rolls, corks, jam jars, plastic bottles .

  • We will not have afternoon class on Thursday Jan 18.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Yodit, Miraf and Tesfaye.

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