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Early pre school

Dear Parents,

what a fantastic week we had. Our carnival themed family day was amazingly entertaining with all the games, activities and treats. The pictures says it all!

Large group

This week’s large group was fun. while we sing our morning song, All the kids wanted to make different patterns. Everyone tried to practice their pattern for a morning song. While reading the morning message on the white board, the kids enjoyed the “who am I game”. The game starts by hiding one animal and we let the kids guess what that animal is by giving them hints about that particular animal.

Small group

This week our explorations were Math, Science, Literacy and Library. In literacy we introduced zoo phonics for the first time and kids enjoyed making the sounds of different letters. In science we experimented on materials that can sink in the water and that can float. We had different materials like cotton, metal, leaves, stone, balloon etc. the children sort the once that sink and the once that float. Then they go around the school to see if they can get things they want to experiment. It was exciting to see the kids' experiment, observe and drew conclusion.

Next week

Monday – Math (pattern)

Tuesday- Literacy (zoo phonics)

Wednesday- Science (experiments)

Thursday- Library

Friday- Cooperative games


Monday - Art

Wednesday- Music and Movement


  • On Monday please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoes for art. It could get messy.

  • Please don’t forget to return their library folders on Thursday.

  • Due to hot season and unpredictable weather, please don't forget to pack hat, and sunscreen and rain coat in their bags.

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