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Early Pre-school

Dear parents,

We hope you had a nice long weekend! Our group is getting socially active day by day. Among the changes we have noticed on our group was how they are all coming out of their comfort zone to make new friendship. As it is a big part of growing up, the children are very confortable to form new friendships in their group and also with other classes.

Large group

It was exciting to be in our large group this week. This week’s famous song was “Hello song”. The kids enjoyed calling out their friends’ name also liked the pattern activities we had on our board. One of the new concepts we introduced this week was ‘BIG and SMALL’. Different ideas float around about what BIG and SMALL is and we also had fun Drawing a pattern using BIG and SMALL.

Small group

Math – We enjoyed making patterns using Bears and Dinosaurs. But this time we used only big and small Bears and Dinosaurs to make our patterns.

Literacy – In literacy we match zoo-phonics letters and 3D letters on the light box. We also talked about sounds of the letters.

Science – we decided to go out side and continue to taker care of our garden. We talked about what we can do to help our plants grow and some suggested to watering. So we decided to water our friends’ garden full of lattice and carrots.

Next week

Monday- Math (Patterns on light box)

Tuesday- literacy (Zoo-phonics)

Wednesday- Science (planting)

Thursday- Library (read and check out books)

Friday- Cooperative games (Duck Duck Goose)


Monday - Art

Wednesday- Music and Movement

  • On Monday please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoes for art. It could get messy.

  • Please don’t forger to return and check out new books because its library day.

Have a nice Holiday

Henock and Free

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