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Pre K's week!

Dear parents,

We enjoyed our week like other weeks, hope yours was as successful and fun as ours. We were so happy to see our children work hard on manners. We read 'Caurtasy' book and since then we have been trying to apply those magic words like Good Morning, please and thank you in to our everyday lives.

One of the small group activity we loved this week was measuring. Previously we learned how to measure using tissue box and toilet roll paper. But this week we used standard measuring units such as ruler and meter.

Ethiopian center is trendy this week since there has been a lot of rumors and friends inviting others to choose this center. We loved making 'Injera'; learning Amaharic letters; making coffee; tradtional dance and many other cultural things to do. Its always full like sold out

'Teddy Afro' concert!

Next week plans

Monday- Literacy

Tuesday- Math

Wednesday- Library

Thursday- co-operative games

Friday- science

Specials:- Mondays- Music

- Fridays- Art

Reminders:- Please send library folders on Wedensdays.

- Old clothes and shoes for art on Fridays.

- Sunscreens/ hats and jackets according to the weather.

Have a blessed weekend!!

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