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Weekly Pre- K News!

HURRAY!!! We are back with another school year! I hope you all enjoyed your summer vacation, even though it wasn’t summer for us! It was good seeing most of you on open house and meeting the class mates and fellow parents!

This year we have 7 children in our PreK class and 6 of them are already back and have joined the class room. The class will be lead by me, Yodit and Eyerus. This last two weeks has been fun to get to know each other as we establish a smooth trust and friendship. We will continually update this blog with pictures and brief information about the week, pictures, plans for next week and reminders so please stay tuned! Send us your feedback and questions.

Weekly plans

Mondays:- Science

Tuesdays:- Literacy

Wednesdays:- Math


Friday:- Puzzles

P.S We will be joining with Kg for specials!

Specials:- Music Wed

Art- Tue

Reminders:- Please send your kids with layers of cloth because of the weather being unpredictable

- Please send sun screens

Have a lovely weekend!!!

Yodit and Eyerus

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