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Early Pre-K Last Blog!

Dear parents,

Believe it or not, you are reading the last blog of this academic year! That means not only is the school year finished, but also means that your child has made a lot of progress, made new friends, gained knowledge and mostly important had lots of fun through out the journey.  We had a wonderful time teaching and growing with these children throughout the year, and are very proud of all the growth they have had. It has been a fun and fruitful time at LE, and we thank you for your involvement!

Here is our week in Brief,

Large group: In our large group this week we had different conversations, which the kids really enjoyed! Mostly we talked about our spirit week daily them, for example on Monday and Tuesday the children were talking about the pajamas they were putting on and the characters they were dressed up after. We also had a take about this is the last week of school, how much they grew up and them moving to new school or to the bigger class. They felt so proud of themselves as we were having this conversation!

Gymnastic: This gymnastic session was all about rolling. We placed two hula-hoops on the left and the right side of the class and we put five cubes in one of the hula-hoops. After that we asked the children to lie down next to one of the hula-hoops and move the cubes one by one by rolling themselves between the hula hoops. This was a lively and energetic session which the class seemed to enjoy very much.

Coordination game: For this game, we prepared a board with a small hole in the middle. Then we challenged the students to use their hands and move the board to all the sides until the small ball come out of the hole. This game helped our class to improve their gross motor skill and eye-hand coordination and everyone was asking for another turn!

Library: In our last library session, we read a book about being the big brother/sister. While reading this book everyone was focused and engaged sharing their own experience of having a younger brother or sister.  They talked about how much the love their younger sibling, play with them and even teach them new things!

 Art: Our art class this week was so special because even our students were part of the preparation for it! We prepared our students the day before by asking them to bring a T-shirt that they would love to paint on. On Wednesday we started sharing together about the colors we want to use and what we would love to paint on our T-shirts.

 After that, we started painting and the children loved this time even didn’t want to stop painting! On the next day after our T-shirts got dry, we put them on and took some pictures together.   

Overall, it has been a wonderful week and wonderful year. We want to once again thank you all deeply for being a part of the LE family this year. For those of you who are moving, best of luck in the new chapter of your life, and to all the families, we hope your summer is filled with amazing memories. To those who will be returning to LE in the fall or for summer camp, we are excited to see you soon!


Have a wonderful weekend!











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