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Early Pre-K This Week

Dear parents,

Our first week of June has just finished! Which means we are left with only one week to finish our academic year. As much as we feel sad because we are saying goodbye to some of our students, we are happy seeing how far they have come. Also, we have an exciting announcement! Next week, to end the school year with a fun twist, we will be doing our first LE Spirit Week. Please see the flyer below for information regarding that.

Here is a brief summary of our week:

Large group: In our large group this week we introduced the number nineteen ‘19’ and had the chance to go through all the two- dimensional shapes we covered through out the year. For our morning message we played a game where the children choose a color flash card then tried to find something in the class that is the same color. We also had a beginning sound game where we matched different objects with their beginning sounds.

“I know this number nineteen” Alen

“The lion start with Lizzy lizard” Leul

Math: This math session was all about colors and memory skills. We played a game using different materials such as colored yogurt cups ‘Orange, blue, yellow and red’ and used the same colors for blocks too. Then we laid down the blocks in a certain order and after the students took a look at the order, we covered it and one by one had them come up and try to order the yogurt cups the same. They really enjoyed the game and kept asking for another turn. 

Traffic light: As we were having different discussions about the traffic light and the meaning of each color, this week we played a traffic light game. We started off by sharing the knowledge that we have together in a discussion. Then we headed outside to play the game. For this game we prepared green and red lights and one by one we had turns being the traffic person. 

Music: This week music session was all about exploring musical instruments. We sat up a game where musical instruments were laid in a circle and the children standing around it, and then we played a song called ‘I can play to the beat’. Whenever the music was on the children were exploring one instrument and when the song stopped, they would move to the next instrument in the circle and explore it. The really had a lot of fun playing the game!

Duck, duck goose: This game is one of the favorite games that our class likes to play. In this game the children improve different skills such as gross motor skill when they are running around in a circle and turn taking as well as patience when they are waiting to be the goose.

Science: For our science session, we got to review our body parts by playing a game. We started this session by going through the names of body parts together then we explained the game and two by two the children had a turn playing. Each time two of the children sat in front of each other the teacher. The teacher would call out the name of one body and the two players were touching it, but then in the middle the teacher would say ‘cup’ and at that time one of the players would pickup the cup from the middle first.

After everyone got a chance to play, we started giving the children a chance to lead the game where the called out the body parts by themselves. They felt so proud doing that!

Library: ‘New Shoes’ was the name of the book we read on Thursday. This book was a fun tale about three siblings that needed to buy new shoes. The siblings went shoe shopping with their mom. One of the siblings didn’t want to get new shoes until the shopkeeper explained how important it is to have shoes his size. All the children were sharing their related experience and the color of shoes they have and if it fit them or not.


Have a wonderful weekend!









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