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Last Week of School in Pre K!

Dear parents,

We hope this blog finds you well! It’s always a bittersweet thing to end a school year, and this past week was no exception. However, as much as we are sad to see some of our students move away and to have to part with the ones staying for the summer, we made sure to keep this week as fun and engaging as possible! 


One of the ways we did this was by hosting our very first LE spirit week. Each day of this week had its own theme, and it was an utter delight to see the children dress up and share these activities together. We will be sharing a highlight reel of some of the best moments from spirit week, alongside our usual pictures. 


We want to sincerely thank you all and your wonderful children for being on the beautiful journey of the past school year with us! It has been a year of learning, progress, fun, laughter and smiles, and so much more. We couldn’t have done it without you. This week’s blog will be structured a bit differently. Since for our last week of school our focus was more on fun activities, we will be highlighting those instead of our usual categories!


Large Group

This week in large group, the Pre K class was helpful, attentive, and enthusiastic as ever! The children continued to work on their routines of counting the caterpillar, reading the sections of the whiteboard, and doing the circle time center. They also explored the classroom materials, read books, and had some lovely discussions. The children are supporting each other in such an incredible way through the transition from now to summer to for some, going to a different country. Of course, the class also spent some time during our large group sessions to share about their spirit week outfits and activities, too!


Spirit Week

The children were dressed to impress all throughout the week, but especially loved pajama day and character day! We love the variety of pajamas that they had- some had onesies, some had matching top and bottom sets, some had cozy sweatshirts and sweatpants but all of the children looked absolutely adorable and were comfortable as ever throughout the day. For character day, it was truly a treat to see how dedicated the children were to their costumes. Our class has been fascinated by superheroes all throughout the year, so it was no surprise to see Batman, Black Panther, Wonder Woman, and even more superheroes in our presence! Of course, what would costume day be without princesses and ballerinas? On Wednesday, each child came with a T shirt that they were okay with getting paint on. Then, it was time to let their creative side flow and flow it did! The class chose a variety of colors, textures and methods. The children had such a blast painting on their own T shirts, and even more fun painting images and messages for their friends to take wherever they go next. 


Cooperative Game

This week, one of our main focuses was on cooperative games! The children got a chance to play a range of games- some were more focused on physical development and fine/gross motor skills, while others were based on academic content from throughout the school year. The two games that the class seemed to enjoy the most were duck duck goose, which is a fixation for them as of late, and a math game. The math game was one we had done as a class previously, where there are 2 hula hoops set up alongside classroom counting materials. Each hula hoop has a number written inside it, and the task is to get the corresponding number of classroom materials to match the amount in the hula hoop as fast as possible. The children had so much fun playing these games and others, and most importantly demonstrated such fantastic teamwork and sportsmanship. 


Last Day of School

The last day of school this year was definitely one to remember! The children followed their routines for the beginning part of the morning. Then, they had an early snack and celebrated several birthdays. During their morning large group session, we gave the class a chance to work on various farewell crafts, from heart cut outs, to cards and more. We love their creativity and innovation, and the kindness and warmth that comes through in all their momentos. We also had an ice cream truck serving the yummiest scoops in town, and we shared that with the parents and staff alike. 



Overall, it was a vibrant and fun week to end the 2023/2024 academic year at LE. Once again, it has been a pleasure sharing this time with you all and your wonderful children. We look forward to more adventures, fun and learning next year. Happy summer, and safe travels to those of you who will be traveling! 





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