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Wonderful Two Weeks In Infant and Toddlers

Greetings dear parents,

We hope you had a wonderful week. We had a great week with our lovely kids.


Happy birthday Adam

Large group

This week in our large group we sang the "Good morning" song as well as our student’s favorite song the "Baby Shark " song. Then we took attendance,  and talked about what they ate for breakfast.


Parachute Game

In the infants and toddlers class, we organized a fun game using a parachute and balls. The children were filled with excitement and happiness as they participated in this activity. The game involved waving the parachute up and down, causing the balls to bounce and roll on it. It was engaging experience for the children as they laughed, played, and asked next round for the game.



We organized a fun filled activity that was washing different toys. To began the activity, we set up designated stations with containers filled with water. As the activity started, the sounds of laughter and splashing water filled the whole area. The  children eagerly dipped their hand into the basins, feeling the coolness and wetness of the water. They worked together and sharing the responsibility of washing toys. The children actively participated and had fun.



Our science activity, known as 'Goop', was an exciting and fun-filled experience for all of us. We embarked on this adventure during our last session, and the familiarity of the activity made it even more enjoyable. We went outside of our classroom and putting our art smocks, we introduced the activity and materials to the children . Once we had the materials ready, we began our exploration phase. The children were encouraged to interact with the mixture of water and soil, observing its texture, consistency and behavior. They had not only enjoyed themselves but had also gained valuable knowledge and skills through their exploration.


In our classroom, we recently organized a fun and engaging Math activity that involved filling and dumping rice. To set up the activity, we placed a mat on the floor and gathered all the students together to introduced them to the task at hand then we divided the kids into two groups and each kids were filled and dumped rice with different cups .



Our library session was wonderful. Our students read various books with their friends .



In our gymnastics session, we introduced a fun and interactive activity that required the children to follow directions by walking long tapes. The children carefully stepped onto the tape and paying close  attention to the direction by moved their feet with precision. The activity promoted cognitive skills such as listening, following directions and problem solving.

Next week’s plan

Monday – Cooprative Game

Tuesday –Literacy

Wednesday –Gymnastic

Thursday –Science

Friday – Math


Have a nice weekend!!




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