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last week of kindergarten

Greetings Dear Parents!

How was your week? Here in the KG class, we had a fun and vibrant last week of school. It’s hard to believe that it is already the end of the school year, but then again time flies when you’re having fun! Aside from it being the last week of school, it was also an extra special week at LE because we hosted our very first Spirit Week! Each day had a different theme regarding the dress code or activity for the day. It was a week full of inspiration and creativity, which we are excited to share with you in this blog.

As a reminder, the fun continues next week with our summer camp. It starts on Monday and runs for a month so please let us know if you will be sending your child ASAP with the registration form if you haven't already.


Large Group

It was a unique time in our large group sessions this week due to the aforementioned spirit week, which the children found to be very fun and interesting! One of the main reasons we decided to host this week is for the students to get a chance to show school pride, dazzle us with their creative side, and just have fun. We still had some class activities but the focus was more on cooperative games and interesting activities, with less of an emphasis placed on the academic concepts from throughout the year. We sang songs, danced, played more games and talked about our favorite things in general. It was a great way to finish up the year, and we all enjoyed it very much.

Pajama Day

The first day of spirit week was "pajama day". Pajama day at school is a fun occasion for children to wear their comfy pajamas to school. Usually, pajama day is part of a larger spirit week or special school celebration. Another other thing we did on this day was a worksheet where the children got a chance to color in pajamas and decorate it to their liking. We loved how creative they got with this exercise! We also talked about what we do before putting on our pajamas in our daily life, which was a fantastic opportunity to hear about their nightly routines and to remind them the importance of cultivating healthy habits. 

Character Day

Character day is another fun theme related to the outfits we asked the children to wear. This was a simple yet engaging one- the idea was for them to come to school dressed as their favorite movie or book character. From our class’s perspective, character day usually involves more than just wearing the clothes of that character- the children also acted out their behavior, manner of speaking, how they interact with others and many other characteristics. So, on this day the children wear their favorite character’s costumes and got a chance to show off their acting chops. They were incredibly excited to share their creativity and innovation with their friends, and this was by far one of our most high energy days of the school year!

Painting T-shirts day

On this day, the kids got even more creative, by painting their own and their classmate’s T- Shirts. Painting shirts is an original and fun way to breathe new life into their cloths. Not only did they paint, but they also got to play a related cooperative game! This game is called “paint tag” and the idea was that the children will play tag, but instead of just catching each other, they also painted handprints on the classmate’s T-shirt that they caught! This was a simple yet fun way to encourage collaboration and sportsmanship.

Overall, it has been a wonderful week and wonderful year. We want to once again thank you all deeply for being a part of the LE family this year. For those of you who are moving, best of luck in the new chapter of your life, and to all the families, we hope your summer is filled with amazing memories. To those who will be returning to LE in the fall or for summer camp, we are excited to see you soon!

We appreciate your time!




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