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Children observe things around them carefully. They input our reactions and every small information we provide for them, basically they are the collections of things they see and hear. This week has also been another fun week as we Question, Explore, Discover and drew Conclusions from the observations we gathered.

The rainy season blessed us with things so we can be attentive of our surroundings and given us a chance to admire nature. We have noticed different kinds of bugs. The kids used the skills they learned in science and asked, “ To keep the bugs inside a clear cup to explore them later; to cover the lid partially so they won’t escape but also have room for air”, Aren’t they sweet?!

During our morning circle time we talked about how muffins are so yummy for breakfast and in relation to that we decided to bake. We choose carrot and banana with strawberry toppings. We also adressed the important benefits of healthy eating early in the morning.

Tip of the week!

Ishaan Abraham is a 9yr old child who discovered a new species of Jelly fish. He mentioned the reasons for his findings were his continual curiosity and his parent’s guidance in his questioning. Here are some activities to nurture your child’s curiosity, ages 3-5. (Source, www. parent’s

  • Picture books

  • Open ended stories

  • Nature walk

  • Indoor treasure hunt

Reminders: - School is closed on Tuesday, Sept 11 due to Ethiopian New Year.

  • Please send sunscreens and hats.

Have a lovely weekend!!!

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