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Out of 195 countries in the world only 12 countries celebrate their New year on a different month than January 1st. Ethiopia being one of them is a unique thing among other fascinating facts. We had so much fun preparing for this one of a kind celebration by practicing the traditional New Year welcoming song ‘Enkutatsh’. We sang, danced, and ate popcorn also traditional bread called ‘Difo Dabo’. Hope you enjoyed our photos and videos on our social Media pages.

We believe that physical development should happen naturally,provided adequate nutrition and opportunity to use their fine and gross motor skill. Also Little Einsteins believes it’s important to provide specific appropriate physical activities so that they can master the basics. This week we introduced our professional physical education and gymnastics instructor Mr Yonas, he will be taking 20 min of our music time on Thursdays. They loved challenging themselves while having fun. Honestly their excitement and concentration is evident as they tackle every movement from simple stretching to rolling and complex serious of exercises.

We love numbers, we always count things around us following this observation we had a number flag activity. The flags have numbers on them and we place the same number of beads on these flag strings. Some of us even made pattern with different colors. This activity helped us to understand how much or how many can be in a set and for our eye and hand co-ordination. Then we matched those flags to same number on the wall.

Hi! I am Yonas Yeshitila. I studied at Addis Ababa university in sport science. I have been providing same services in ICS, British and German school for the last 3 years. Also working on schedules to have after school circus and gymnastics at Little Einsteins, please stay tuned for further details. Looking forward to a healthy school year!


- Please send your child with comfortable cloth (tights, shorts) on Thursdays for physical education.

- Please send sun screens, hats and extra clothes for Art on Tuesdays.

Have a blessed week!!

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