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Kindergarten Weekly News!

Literacy can enhance children’s awareness of measurement, geometry,

numbers, and number computation, fractions, classifying, patterns, symmetry, problem solving, reasoning, estimation and more.

Stories that have math concepts woven throughout them can not only stir up curiosity about those concepts but also provide a meaningful setting to help kids grasp those concepts. Keeping this in mind as a teacher, we got together with our pre-k friends this week for Math and Science exploration and the students were introduced to new concepts!

Children learn to count by counting things- objects, people, and events. Through everyday experiences, children learn that number words (one, two, three) refer to quantity and gradually realize that the last number counted tells ‘’how many’’ there are.

Children watch and imitate the attitudes and actions of the adults around them towards living things. Whether it’s a jar of worms, snails, a few spiders or bugs, children’s eyes light up when you bring living things into the classroom. We sent these past few months exploring with spiders, millipedes, and a ladybug.

We learned the meaning of some new words this week such as Ecosystem, Environmental Science, and Scientist. We also discussed their meaning and how important they are.

Some important views were raised in the class! Later on, we went outside to investigate our environment and how we are taking care of it.

Birthdays this month!

Have a fun weekend!

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