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I really hope you enjoyed your week! We had so much fun this week as well. We played, laughed, experiment, share memories and helped each other. Just like our motto!!

Since most of our activities were continuous from the previous expeditions, it was interesting because we were able to share more ideas even new ones we have observed in our areas, especially in science.

We came up with a great idea! We want to celebrate 'Halloween' at the school with our parents this time around and have our own 'trick or treat'. We hope parents would be happy to join us on this day.

During our large group reading time in the last 2 weeks, we have read about 'The three little pigs' story and we loved it so much. In one of our small group we sat down and discussed how important it is to plan before we do anything. We always plan our projects and work time plays. Then decided to build try out what happened in the story. (we will post the story on our next blog stay tuned to find out what we learned and our conclusion of this story)


- Please return library folders on time with the right book.

- Don't forget sunscreens, hats, and sunglasses.

- Let us know if you would be interested in celebrating late afternoon Holloween with your kids at school.

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Enjoy your weekend!!!

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