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Pre School and Early Pre-K

Dear Parents,

We are so happy to have you back from fall break. Our students were so excited to see their friends. We had a talk about how we spent our break and some of us just spent the whole break at home watching “paw patrol”.

School will be closed on November 20th (tentative) for Maulid celebration.

What we have been doing in our large group

Our large group is as fun and interesting as always because we get to share what we have eaten in our breakfast, what we like to do and reminding each other about our rules. We read our favourite book "Harold and the purple crayon" and we challenged ourselves to remember what the next page is.

This week small group

Cooperative Monday; it was a race and soccer Monday! We had a bike race and soccer game, which we focused on encouraging our friends to develop on their motor skill. At the same time, we focused on teamwork, listening instructions and language.

Maths Tuesday; Our math class was very interesting and “yummy” as the kids put it because it was counting and identifying numbers with cheerios! Our focus was on counting the cheerios and identifying the number on the paper plate and when we had a hard time identifying the numbers we counted the dots on the plate and put the cheerios on the dots and the most fun part was eating it when we got it right!!

Science Wednesday; We have been observing our kids watching the growth of our sunflowers. Based on that observation we talked about it during our large group in which they all observed that our sunflower has grown tall. We asked them how we could make it even taller and they said it has to have water, sun, and soil. We talked about “weeds” and how it would affect our plants so, we got our digging hands out and start picking it out. Our focus was to expose them to their environment and how we can do to protect our plants.

Literacy Thursday; Our literacy was very special this week because we had a visit from kindergarteners. They came to help us in our “ZOO-PHONICS” which is about sounds of alphabets and letter recognition. Its a fun and easy way of teaching them the sounds and at the same time recognizing letters. It has all the letters with zoo animals on it, which would make it fun for them to do it.

Library Friday; We went over the shelves in our library to help our students better understand what each shelf represents. We showed them that the books on each shelf was for every class and that we have to choose books to take home based on the shelf that represents our class.

* In our art class we started a project about rainbow, we had long conversation about it first. We decided to make the sky first, which we did in our special art day.

What we did in pictures

Next Week Plan

Monday- play dough and puzzle

Tuesday- Math

Wednesday- Science

Thursday- Literacy

Friday- Library


Mon- Music

Wed- Art


Wednesday is our Art day, please make sure your child wear their ‘Art clothes’ because we use paints and our activities get messy!

Friday is our Library day!! Don’t forget to send library folders so your child can choose a new book.

Have a nice weekend!

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