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Weekly Kindergaten News!

It was a busy week for both students and teachers as we planned and brainstormed for up and coming projects. We started a new project called 'Ocean and beach center' its a work in progress. The children have a long list of plans for the center and it still keeps coming. On this note we kindly ask you to lend or donate some Swimming suits, Goggles, Sun Glasses, Sandals, and sunscreen that you run out of or not in use anymore we would love to have it to set up the center.

We are proud to announce that next Friday (Dec7) will be the grand opening of our bookstore! You are all invited to come and celebrate the success of our Authors!

This week in review!

We were introduced to sight words this week. We learned how to sound them out by the help of zoo-phonics. We later on explored with the first reader books to see if we can match the words we saw earlier.

We always squeeze our time during the week to explore tracing. Tracing helps students to begin pre writing skills that helps in motor skill development which supports students how they can hold a pencil which then gives them the ability to model, form letters and later on sentences.

We continued challenging our selves in math class as we counted by 2s. This week we counted in 3s, 4s and 5s. Later on we got introduced to a new concept called addition. We will be exploring more in this area in the coming weeks.

Bookstore updates!

After hard and dedicated work we all deserve a party to celebrate what we have accomplished and to motivate us to challenge ourselves even more!

The committee(Pre-k and Kindergarten) gathered together on Thursday to plan for the grand opening!

Fun Moments!

Enjoying our snacks outside on our new bench!

School is more interesting when you can have a fun learning environment!

"Look Maraki I can make these cups stay on my ears!"

For our geography class the students were still interested in exploring the map and globe. We learned that all the physical surroundings on Earth are called the environment. We discussed what living and nonliving part of the environment is. We will research in depth in the coming weeks.

Fun quotes!

Zemel- Do you think we can kiss the moon from earth?

Ruby- The Earth has lots of water in it. Lets drink friends!


Tuesday is our Art day, please make sure your child wears their ‘Art clothes’ because we use paints and our activities could get messy!

Since it's sunny season please send your child with sunscreen and hat.

Monday is our Library day!!! Don’t forget to send library folders so your child can choose a new book.

Have a lovely weekend!

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