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Pre-K weekly insight!

Dear Parents,

We hope you had as much fun and excitement as we did. We had a very exciting week, as it is the grand opening of our ‘Book Store’. The grand opening will take place on Friday the 7th of December. The timing couldn’t be any better as a lot of our students are leaving for the holidays. We hope all of you could attend the event. The party will include an authentic Ethiopian coffee ceremony, cupcakes and all sorts of fruits will be available. The students sell the published books; the small books will be sold for 5 Birr while the big books will be sold for 10 Birr.

Here is a sneak view of the party!

Photos of the event will be posted

next week. Stay tuned!!!

The other high light of our week was the retraining and the implementation of all the traffic rules and regulation. We took time from our large group to practice the rules and regulations of the lines in our compound. Noah was the first to get a turn. He tried to help Jessi and Seven and Camilla took a turn. They are working on implementing the traffic rules at free choice and recess times.

Small group explorations this week......

Our Monday small group activity was science. During the previous weeks, we have been working on developing of our senses. Last week we worked on our hearing using hidden boxes with different items. This week we worked on our testing senses. We brought different fruits and tried to identify the different tastes. We had strawberry, banana, papaya, and sample of sugar. We all had different feelings about what we tasted.

Camilla said, “I like papaya and sugar.”

Jessi said,” papaya is sweet but strawberry is not.”

Noah replied to Jessi by saying “strawberry and lemons are very sour. ”

Seven followed by saying “I like strawberry. It's good.”

Tuesday was our math day! We tried to work with shapes. We made different challenging shapes that would be filled with magnetic shapes specifically designed for this activity. We finished the activity fairly fast so we continued to increase the continuity of the complexity of the shape puzzles.

During our large group of Wednesday, we took our time to go over the traffic lines and the rules and regulations to be followed during free choice and recess time. All of our friends took a turn to learn and implement the rules and regulation in our school compound.

Our small group exploration was literacy. We practice tracing of different lines like zig zag and shapes and tried to write our own names on our sheets. Noah and Seven tried to write their own names with the help of the teachers while Camilla and Jessi wrote their own names on the worksheet.


We started our large group with kindergartens, as the grand opening of the bookstore was on Friday. We spent the small group finalizing the decoration of the bookstore. Noah and Seven were engaged in finding the cash-storing material while Jessi, Julieta, and Camilla were decorating the bookstore. We took turns in practicing the transactions that will take place on the grand opening of the bookstore. We planned we would take turns as cashiers to sell the published books.


In our small group, we discussed what happened over the week and worked on our journals. We made plans on what we were going to write, draw or scribble on the journals.

Next Week Plans

Monday- Science (focuses on our five senses)

Tuesday- Math (shape puzzle of our own)

Wednesday- Literacy (Zoo-phonics)

Thursday- Library

Friday- Journals( sharing stories)


Thursday: Music and Movement

Tuesday: Art


Tuesday is our Art day, please make sure your child wears their ‘Art clothes’ because we use paints and our activities could get messy!

Since its a sunny season please send your child with sunscreen and hat.

Thursday is our Library day!! Don’t forget to send library folders so your child can choose a new book.

Have a nice weekend!

Negede, Halefom and Eyrus

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