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Pre-K & Kindergarten News

What a fun and exciting week we had! Happy New Year to our Chinese family! We hope you had a great time visiting your family and friends!

Pre-k and Kindergarten were busy this week working on their ocean project. We learned a lot of exciting new things, and we are eager to investigate more in depth.

Please make sure to check out our

funny stories we drew in our art class this week and last weeks!


We started our exploration by recalling on what we worked on our previous Ocean class. We brought our see animal models, and we began identifying them one by one. Once we completed identifying our animal’s names, we started to make tracings and drawings of our ocean animals.

All of us had a couple of representations to work with. After we finished our tracing, we went outside to our aquarium. Camilla told us she saw different types of fish in the aquarium in Italy. Anna also told us she saw a sea turtle in an aquarium.

We added water in our transparent box. We each put the animals in our aquarium. Noah said, “Can we put sand in it?” After getting permission, he got two scoops of sand and gave a turn to Anna. After we put sand in our aquarium, we could no longer see the animals. Leon told us “Maybe it’s under the sand.” And Camilla said, “I’m going fishing.” After thorough observation, we knew the reason why we couldn’t see the fish on the ocean was that of the sand under the sea.

Fun Times During Recess


We had a few activities planned for our Literacy class this week. The first was identifying upper and lower case letters. We wrote a few letters on our board and listed a mixture of upper and lower case letters.

We would give a chance to all our friends to make the starting sound associated with the letter. We then marked each letter with a tic for upper case and an X for lower case letters. Once we all had a turn, we talked about the tricky letters; we then went on to work on some tracing on our worksheets.


After our 3-D shapes exploration on the previous classes, we continued to work on our counting skills. We had a fun worksheet where we would put different types of beans on our worksheet tables and count the numbers of each.

We tried to add each table. Later on, we explored with number stories. It was great to see the students helping each other out to solve the questions. We will be exploring more in this area in the coming weeks!

We have also been working on our caterpillar number counting, and we are proud to say that we have passed the 100-day mark and we have officially reached number 105!

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Pre-K and Kindergarten team

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