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Early Preschool Insight

Dear parents

We had a fruitful week. Some of the things we did this week are

• Our large groups were full of energy. All the kids fully understood the class routines and expectations. Seeing the kids directing their energy to these expectations and routines is a joy to watch. Every morning the kids choose the songs we wanted to sing, and we read a book they are interested in. We still enjoy talking about hot issues in our circle time. This week’s frequently discussed topic was the rabbit house on the school. The kids wanted to have a pet rabbit named “Ruby,” and they said they wanted to bring carrot from home and also grew one on the farm here. We are planning to grow carrots in the school Starting next week.

• Our science class was about our body. We talked about major body parts like shoulder, feet, leg, stomach, head, face, etc. and major components like bone, muscles, and blood before we hand them a puzzle about body parts. While solving the puzzle the kids were showing us parts of their body if they see it in the puzzle piece. We had a fun time. Next week we are planning to start to talk about how and where we can plant the carrots for Ruby rabbit.

• In last week's measuring activity we learned how we could measure and compare sizes. We compared differently sized strews and tried to find the same sized line on the paper. This week we used glue to stick the straws in the right line and made beautiful individual artwork. Next week we are planning to go back to counting, and we are planning to practice using beads and number flags.

• In our zoo-phonics exploration, we focused on 5 letters (S, B, E, M, F). We talked about the sounds they make, the zoo animal story, and what shape makes those letters.

• As a reminder, please don't forget to pack a hat and sunscreen for your kids. And also if your kids have a swimming suit, send it in the bag if your kid decided to explore in our swimming pool in the ocean center.

Have a great weekend!

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