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Early Preschool Insight

Dear parents,

We had such a fun week. Since most of the activities we did involved food colorings and paint, it was easy for the kids to have colored hands. Don’t worry, all the paint we use in the school is non-toxic, so colored hands are just reminders of the activity the kids had. We also celebrated Zak's 3rd birthday this week. This week we have welcomed two new friends named Hatcher and Ya Ya. We are looking forward to seeing their development over the remaining part of the semester.

We would like to ask you to rate us on google. You will find us by typing in google search Little Einsteins Addis. We really appreciate your feedback! P.S Please contact your child's teacher in case you don't find us.

Large groups

This week's major events in the large group were

Books - “The gingerbread man” remains to be the most popular book for this week too. Now the kids started to tell the story about the gingerbread. Dominic relayed the story about the gingerbread man from prior memory before we started the book. He said, “the fox will eat the gingerbread.”

Songs - After introducing the ‘hello’ song last week, all the kids wanted to sing this song at our circle time. They all sang the song naming each of their friends.

Message board – on our message board we used to have a part where we do the attendance with the kids. But starting from this week, we told the kids to take responsibility for the attendance themselves. They enjoyed doing it. The other messages we had were all about numbers and data analysis. We practiced our counting skills and data presentation through different activities and questions on the board.

Small group explorations

Math: this week during the math session we explored with numbering cards to identify number digits and values. We used a number of cards and floor mats to match and identify the numbers. We also hang one digit numbers on the wall for references and better understanding.

Next week we are planning to continue this activity with an introduction of to two-digit numbers, 10 and 11.

Science – Tuesday's science exploration was about ‘what is ice and why it's cold.’ It all started with a conversation on why ice is cold. During snack time, Hazel was talking about an Icepack and how cold it is, and then Celeste asks why it’s cold. So in our science session, we decided to see how ice can be made and why it’s cold. The kids experimented with water, and Dominic, Noah and Celeste suggested that water will be ice if it freezes in a fridge. So we decided to decorate our water with food coloring and took it to the refrigerator so it can be cold water (ice). We will see the result on Monday.

Next week we are planning to make a “magic bubbles” experiment.

Literacy Thursdays – On Thursday morning’s literacy activity the kids played “letter hide and seek”. We divided the kids into two groups of hiders and finders. When the finders found one hidden zoo-phonics animal, we asked them to name the animal out loud. It was fun to see the excitement to play the game. Both teams took turns to have the experience.

Next week we are planning to play this letter hide and seek game again on Friday and also to have a writing activity on the classroom wall on Wednesday large group.

On Fun Friday we played obstacle courses that involve riding bike, hooping through hula-hoops and crawling through a tunnel. Here are some photos of such a fun day. Next week we are planning to have a water fun.

Have a great weekend and please don't forget to rate our google page.

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