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Kindergarten Weekly News

It has been one busy week here at Little Einsteins! On my part, I was invited to the early pre-k class to do an art class. They were exploring with primary colors. We read “the rabbit color” and noticed that if we mix certain colors, we will get a new color. Based on this, we got different balls and started our exploration!

The staff and students have worked so hard this year in their art class. I am so proud of what my class has made throughout the school year! We have explored in many areas each week in our art class, and we can’t wait to showcase them to you on the Art Auction May 18th! Keep your eyes and ears open!

We would like to ask you to rate us on google. You will find us by typing in google search Little Einsteins Addis. We really appreciate your feedback! P.S Please contact your child's teacher in case you don't find us.

Our Week in Review!


After many weeks of exploring with sight words, we decided to play a game called ‘Can you find them?’ We each got a book, paper, and pencil and started ‘hunting’ for the sight words. The students were astonished to find lots of them in the book! Later on, we went to our art studio to get a big piece of paper to start our word wall.

What is the word wall?

Word wall is a place to showcase significant words in a classroom. Those may include sight words, names, etc. Their importance is to help students learn. Students can also refer to them when writing and get help with problem solving along the way. They are also an essential reference to students when reading as they can make connections to the books they read. Word walls also support teaching the alphabetic principle, as well.

Cooperative Games

Our cooperative game was super duper fun playing together with the Early Pre-k. Miraf prepared three different stations where students could play.

The three obstacle courses were crawling on the mat pretending to be “soldiers,” next they had to jump on hoola hoops, and then there was a tunnel they had to go through. The final station was a bike race to the finish line!


We continued our experiment with volcanoes from last week. We gathered different kinds of soil and stones to make our mountain. We had a little chat about what type of mountain we wanted to do. Noah said, “ We can make a huge mountain.” Andre replied, “ We should get more soil and stone.” So we sent out Noah and Andre to bring more soil and rocks while the rest of us worked on making our mountains. To get more space for engaging all the kids, we made two mountains.

Anne, Noah, Julieta, and Andre worked on one mountain while Jesse, Rachel, Marlow, Xixi and Iseja worked on the other. After making two big mountains, we continued to make lava openings on top. We completed our activity by discussing what kind of lava we anticipate to see the coming week. Sun was not interested in creating a mountain with soil and rocks, so he went to the art room and worked on a paper mountain. He used recycled paper and tapes.


As I mentioned in my previous posts, this year the Kindergarteners have worked on many shapes, colors, and Line-related artworks. They researched and discussed with their peers many ways as to how they can translate their ideas into reality.

This week we continued working with shapes and colors. We taped our canvas into different triangular-style shapes and used various colors to paint.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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