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Dear parents

We had a cloudy, yet fun week. We celebrated Zak’s birthday on the 8th. Our art auction is coming up, and we will have different artworks of our students on exposition. We will be serving food and drinks, and we would like to encourage our parents to invite friends to the auction.

We would like to ask you to rate us on google. You will find us by typing in google search Little Einsteins Addis. We really appreciate your feedback! P.S Please contact your child's teacher in case you don't find us.


Our activity was a continuation of counting up to twenty. We used different toys and counting tables. Some of us wanted to work with our friends, so we made groups and counted our toys. After we tallied the various toys, we started working on color symmetry. We arranged different bears of different colors on different tables. We finished our activity with collecting the toys and counting them, and placing them back into the different jars.


We continued our experiment with volcanoes. We had collected different kinds of soil and stones to make our mountains. We had a little talk about what type of mountain we wanted to do. Noah said, “ We can make a huge mountain.” Andre replied, “We should get more soil and stone.” So we sent out Noah and Andre to bring more soil and rocks while the rest of us worked on making our mountains. To get more space, we made two mountains. We had Anne, Noah, Julieta and Andre working on one mountain, while Jesse, Rachel, Marlow, Xixi and Iseja worked on the other mountain. After making two big mountains, we continued to make lava openings on top. We finalized our activity by discussing what kind of lava we expect to see the coming week. Son was not interested in making a mountain with soil and rocks, so he went to the art room and worked on a paper mountain. He used recycled paper and tapes.


We worked on our board for a few minutes and went out and started making dough. We made it using cornstarch and water and added different food colors to get a variety of colors. We then proceeded to make different letters with different colors. We practiced fine motor skills while making our letters.


Our canvas was set and ready for our paintbrushes. On our science activity, we were making a volcano. We wanted to refine it using our art. We used different colors for our mountain and lava. We used yellow and orange for the lava and gray and black for the mountains.

Have a great weekend!

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