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How was your week? We hope you all had a fun and artistic week because we had one! The reason why we had an artistic week was that we were getting ready for our Art Auction, which will be held on May 18th. And it was fun because we have been doing some magic activities and a lot of fun activities with kindergarteners. They have been working on rhyming words on our board messages and got creative while trying to come up with a word that rhymes with our names, like Miraf - giraffe! The rhyming on the board message involved more rhyming words like cat, pat, and hat, sat…

We would like to ask you to rate us on google. You will find us by typing in google search Little Einsteins Addis. We really appreciate your feedback! P.S Please contact your child's teacher in case you don't find us.

During our small group

Rhyming Monday: we continued working on our rhyming words. As we mentioned above, we were working on our board too. As an activity, kids had a rhyming card with a picture on it, and they matched it with their rhyming words.

Next Monday: rhyming words with a different activity

A story with numbers Tuesday: on our math session, we wanted to make the activity more fun, so we came up with storytelling with the counting bears. The exercise focused on counting and number identification. After we model for the kids, they come up with different stories to tell.

Next Tuesday: working on shapes

Magic milk Wednesday: it was super fun during our science activity with milk and colors. We talked about primary colors and did some activities with primary colors for a while now. We came up with an activity related to primary colors with magic milk, why do we call it “magic”? Well, first we put milk on a plate and put a drop of primary food colors, which are blue, red and yellow. The magic happened when we put a little bit of soup in the middle, which pushed the colors to the sides. That had a magical effect on the milk!

Next Wednesday: magic milk as per request!

Cooperative game Thursday: our cooperative game was also super fun as we did it together with the kindergarteners. Kids went through four obstacle courses, which are crawling on the mat like “soldiers”, then jumping on hoola-hoops, then there was a “cave” they had to go through, and the final one was a bike race to the finish line!

Next Thursday there’ll be more cooperative games with the kindergarteners.

Our specials

Art; as we have tried to tell you earlier, we have been doing some manipulations with primary colors and seeing the results when we mix them. The activity encouraged us to bring it to our Art class! Kids made a beautiful Artwork, which you all have to come to the Art Auction to see!!

Music and Gymnastics: our gymnastics was shooting some hoop!! We went outside, and everyone got a chance to shoot and score some great shots on ourbasket.

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